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Tycho Brahe museum

In the middle of Ven, in the former All Saints’ Church, you will find the modern Tycho Brahe museum that is surrounded by a beautiful renaissance garden. At Ven, 1576-1597, the nobleman Tycho Brahe created what is considered as the first scientific institution in Europe. Tycho Brahe was one of the five scientists that laid the ground of our modern world-view. Tycho Brahe’s castel Uraniborg became during two decades a meeting place for scientists and royals from all over Europe. The castle was demolished in the 17th and all that remains today is the underground part of the observatory, Stjerneborg. If you would like to learn more of Tycho Brahe’s exciting story you shall not miss the Tycho Brahe Memorials. Please visit http://www.tychobrahe.com/UK/index.html for more information about the museum.