Ven’s landscape is crossed by grit roads and bike paths that lead down to the beautiful harbours. The ways to get around Ven are many. Most visitors like to go by bike but it is also possible to go by bus, tractor and cart, horse and carriage, or you might like to take a peaceful walk.

Tractor trail
With our tractor trailers we take you almost anywhere you want on Ven.  

The Ven buses
Regular bus services on behalf of Skånetrafiken, also charter trips and tours.

Ven´s bicyclerental
Rent a bike and go around the island at your own pace. We have bikes for everyone!

Electrically powered, eco-friendly golf carts that take you around our beautiful island.  

When you need a taxi, call (+46) 72-57 260 13

Guided tours with horse & carriage, adventure activities etc.