Where can I park my car?

Landskrona City have a couple of larger parking lots close to the terminal. For more information, you can visit Landskrona Citys webpage.

Is there an ATM on Ven?

Unfortunately not, but most businesses at Ven accept card payments.

When can I board the ferry?

Booked passengers need to board at least 10 minutes before departure, after which the seats are released to the unbooked queue.

Is there a senior ticket?

There are currently no special discounts for pensioners.

Can I bring my bike to Ven?

Yes, it is fine if there is space onboard. Bicycle for adults costs 120 SEK return.

Does a stroller or dog cost anything extra?

No, neither the stroller nor dog cost anything extra.

Where do we depart from?

We are located at Skeppsbron in Landskrona.

Is there any cafeteria on board?

On board m/s Uraniborg there is a cafeteria during the summer. The other part of the year there is a vending machine.

Is there a bus on Ven?

Skånetrafiken has buses running on schedule in connection with arrivals and departures.

How do I get to Landskrona?

Travel by train or bus! See Skånetrafiken for more information.

Can I bring my car to Ven?

Yes but Ven is not suitable for driving. Park the car, rent a bike or travel by bus or tractor service instead.

Can I pay with Swedish money on Ven?

Yes, Ven became Swedish at the Treaty of Copenhagen in 1660…