Regulations onboard Ventrafiken’s ferries

Onboard it is not permitted:

• to consume alcoholic beverages
• to smoke
• to bring fur animals into the passenger lounge, the exception is approved guide dogs. Fur animals are referred to the designated outdoor area.

Regulations which apply for the Ventrafiken ferry terminals

At Ventrafiken’s ferry terminals it is not permitted:

•    to stay there if you do not have specific reason to do so
•    to consume alcoholic beverages
•    to smoke
•    to take dogs with you which are not on a leash

Policy for pets

All ferries

• Passengers may take pets with them free of charge.
• Pets should either be attached to a leash, sit in a cage or in a pet travel bag or alternatively in a vehicle on the ferry.
• When traveling by car it is advisable to leave animals in the vehicle during the crossing. Pet owners are responsible to ensure their pet has good ventilation and water.
• Pets are not allowed in the ferry’s passenger lounges unless otherwise indicated.
• You may not bring animals that are poisonous, dangerous or disturbing to other passengers.
• Passengers are responsible for their pets during the journey.
• It is mandatory to have aggressive dogs muzzled.
• The ferry personnel have the right to reject animals from travelling onboard.

Guide dogs are always welcome on all of our ferries.

The following applies to each ferry

M/S Uraniborg
Pets are not allowed in the ferry’s passenger lounge.

Pets are permitted on ferry’s outside passenger deck, sun deck or car deck.

The ferry has an outside space specially set aside for pets which is equipped with benches, heaters, access to water and even soft carpet. The ferry is also equipped with designated cages on the car deck, where priority shall firstly be given to animals accompanying passengers with disabilities.

M/S Stjerneborg
Pets are allowed in the designated passenger lounge as well as the the car deck and outside passenger deck.