M/S Uraniborg

M/S Uraniborg was built in Denmark and delivered to Ventrafiken in November 2012.

It is a so-called double-ender type and therefore does not need to turn in the ports, which saves time. A propeller that can rotate 360 degrees, an Azipod, has been mounted in the fore and aft of the ship. This technique increases the manoeuvrability and flexibility considerably for the new ship. The ship is also equipped with the latest technology in safety and environment.

A naming contest was conducted in the summer of 2011, and of the many nominations that came in, Ventrafikens Board appointed M/S Uraniborg as the winning entry. Uraniborg is an old spelling of Tycho Brahe’s combined castle and observatory on Ven.
M/S Uraniborg has a large lounge with a lot of seating and a nice view out over the Sound. There is also a larger cafeteria and therefore is an increased service for our passengers provided.

Length 49.95 m
Width 12.00 m
Draught 2.85 m
Capacity: 394 passengers
Vehicles: 14 cars
Speed: 10 knots

M/S Stjerneborg

M/S Stjerneborg was built in Norway 1990 for services to Ven.

The ship was rebuilt in 2009 and is adapted to the current regulatory requirements. The passenger capacity has been reduced from 297 to 247 as part of the new security requirements. When rebuilding the ship, it was equipped with a new saloon, new machinery and cabins on board for the crew. The ship has capacity for vehicles.

She is used as a reserve tonnage year round and during the summer she goes in the company’s own timetable.

Length: 34,34 m
Width: 10 m
Draught: 2,85 m
Capacity: 247 passengers
Vehicles: 11 cars
Speed: 10 knots