Tickets are valid for the specified day and time the trip is booked. Booked tickets can be used for other departures on the same day, however passengers must queue in the non-booked line. Open tickets is valid for the unreserved queue.

There are no refunds for missed or non-cancelled trips. If a departure is cancelled, the full ticket amount will be refunded. The reservation can be cancelled or changed free of charge, if notification is made within 7 days before departure. Cancellation or modification of travel made less than 7 days before departure will not be refunded.

It is also possible to get tickets printed out at the ticket office in Landskrona, or at the ticket machines in the terminals. Please have your booking number which can be found in your booking confirmation.

Each booking has a booking number and each ticket reservation has a unique barcode that is scanned when boarding, or you can print your tickets yourself. Bookings and tickets are collected after payment. When rebooking, new tickets must be printed. With ticket purchases via the webshop, confirmation and tickets will be sent by mail, or printed tickets can be collected from the Ticket Office in Landskrona, or via ticket machines in the terminals.

Please ensure you have your specified booking number, which can be found in your confirmation. Always check that the information provided on the confirmation and tickets match your travel plans. 


When you book and buy ticket in Ventrafikens webshop your name, phone number and email address is registered in our ticketing and reservation system CarRes. You also have the option to leave your address but it is optional data of which Rederi AB Ventrafiken will use for the mapping of our existing travelers geographical spread. The information you provide will only be processed by staff in Rederi AB Ventrafiken.


For passengers who travel on one of Rederi AB Ventrafiken’s ship, the following conditions apply:

1. The Company is entitled to cancel tours, perform the carriage with another vessel, change the schedule, change fees or conditions without notice.

2. The company complies with Regulation (EU) No 1177/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 November 2010 concerning the rights of passengers when traveling by sea and inland waterway and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004.

3. The Company is not responsible for:
a) injury during the time before passengers board or after going ashore,
b) hand luggage for the time before the goods are taken on board or after the goods are landed,
c) live animals
d) money, securities, art, or other valuables,
e) loss or damage caused by events beyond the company’s control,
f) delay or indirect damage.
4. The company has under all circumstances limited responsibility in accordance with the Maritime Code provisions,
Chapter 15. § 21. Further, the passengers own risk equivalent to the amount specified in Chapter 15. § 22
same law.
5. All restrictions and limitations by the shipping company owns invoke the law and these conditions also applies for the benefit of the ship’s officers, crew, agents and others for whom the shipping company is responsible for.
6. The company reserves the right to transport cargo and luggage on deck.
7. Passengers who wish to bring aboard baggage that may cause danger or significant inconvenience to a person or property is obliged to inform the shipping company on the estate properties. Baggage of this kind that has been on board without the shipping company being informed the company is entitled to landing, incapacitate or destroy without any obligation to compensate the damage.
8. Written notice of loss or damage must be submitted to the shipping company immediately, but no later than within 14 days.
9. Disputes concerning this contract of carriage shall be settled at the Malmö district court.
10. Claims for promotion shall be brought before the aforementioned court two years after the end of the trip or when the trip would have ended.

11. Maritime Code rules for passengers apply to the carriage of passengers and luggage, unless otherwise stated above.