The capacity for vehicles is greatly limited which means that booking is always recommended in order to avoid long waiting time. For the transportation of Dangerous Goods, bookings and advanced information is obligatory. Always book in good time for the transportation of goods, heavy vehicles such as lorries, etc.

Good to know:

  • Both of our ferries M/S Uraniborg and M/S Stjerneborg carry out the transportation of goods.
  • Ventrafiken has a security adviser who is registered at the Swedish  Life-saving Association
  • The largest allowed total weight is 100 tons per ferry inclusive of all the load and well as the passengers
  • The highest permitted  axel load is 12 tons for individual axels and 18 tons for boogie axels
  • The highest permitted height is 4.20 metres, but this depends on the length of the vehicle

Normal transportation of goods

All transportation of goods must be by vehicles on wheels. This means, for example, that Ventrafiken cannot accept individual goods or goods on loading stools. This means that goods must be transported by vehicle. A transporter who carries out transports to and from Ven is the transportation company, AkkaFRAKT. You are recommended to contact them for further information concerning prices, etc.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Transportation of Dangerous Goods is possible with certain exceptions. For example, Dangerous Goods cannot be transported without supervision, which means that a responsible person must travel with the goods on the ferry. For further information in english, please contact us at

Transportation of “small goods”

It is also possible to send small goods in the form of packages in Ventrafiken’s goods sections. The goods must be well packed and marked. These packages/units must be provided with package goods markings for every package of 25 kg.  These goods markings can be purchased at the ticket office in Landskrona.  

Transportation of refrigerated goods

  • If space permits, refrigerated goods can be transported in the refrigerated sections of Ventrafiken’s ferries. These packages/units must be provided with package goods markings for every package of 25 kg.  These goods markings can be purchased at the ticket office in Landskrona.
  • Example:  20 kg = 1 goods marking, 30 kg = 2 goods markings
  • Each package/unit may weigh up to a maximum of 50 kg at the same time as it physically can be placed in the ferry’s goods section for refrigerated goods. Heavier and/or bulky goods should be referred for transportation such as with AkkaFRAKT.  
  • Ventrafiken does not take any responsibility for goods placed in the ferry’s goods sections before or after they are placed onboard. Furthermore, Ventrafiken does not take any responsibility for possible damage which can be related to temperature changes during transportation. 
  • Between May 11 and May 25 2020 refrigerator transportation  is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    Tuesdays 08:20 from Landskrona
    Thursdays 14:15 from Landskrona
  • Between May 26 and September 13 2020 refrigerator transportation is offered on the following departures (thereafter depending on weather):
    05:30 (06:50*)
    *Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
  • The customer himself must make sure that the package is placed in as well as collected from the refrigerator section of the ferry during the following times. During other times goods cannot be accepted or collected.
    06:00 (07:20*)-08:15
    *Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Special transportation/charter

If Ventrafiken’s timetable does not suit your transportation needs, possibly because of the size or that the transportation cannot be carried out in accordance with the timetable, there is still the possibility to charter a ferry. Always contact Ventrafiken in good time.