Experience the Sound based on your own wishes

Ventrafiken welcomes both you and your company on board the M/S Stjerneborg. M/S Stjerneborg is well suited for those times when you are in the need of transportation in between the timetable or outside of the regular time table. M/S Stjerneborg is best suited for special transportation of larger vehicles or larger groups of passengers. M/S Stjerneborg has a car deck that measures 30 meters which is the equivilent of 11 passenger cars. The ship takes 247 passengers.

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Departures according to the timetable.


Ven, despite its small area, has a lot to offer its visitors! A beautiful golf course , local whiskey, arts...


In the middle of Ven is the former All Saints' Church. Here you will find the modern Tycho Brahe museum, which is surrounded by a beautiful renaissance garden.